Making SORC Possible

D3c 3913rszdVolunteers are truly the at the heart of the Sandhills Open Road Challenge. Our volunteers are the sole reason that we can hold our fantastic events. Volunteers of all ages graciously give their time and effort to put on the SORC activities. Groups from schools, clubs, and churches have volunteered to help with many tasks over the years.

If you or your group is interested in volunteering for one of the duties below, please contact a board member or send us a message at your earliest convenience.

Volunteer Support Areas

  • Tech personnel during check-in and before each run during events
  • Number and sticker application
  • Registration assistants
  • Volunteer breakfast prep and cleanup
  • Grid lineup before race
  • Gate watchers during shootout
  • Timing and scoring helpers
  • Spotters during the road race
  • Seat belt tighteners
  • Setup, preparation, and cleanup for meals at City Park
  • Fire and rescue department personnel
  • Parade lineup
  • Parade announcers
  • Parking for car show
  • Equipment check-in following race
  • Parking assistance at shootout site
  • Mowing at various sites before events
  • Street dance setup and tear down
  • Cleanup at Community Center each day
  • Assembly of volunteer bags
  • Merchandise sales
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