About the Sandhills Open Road Challenge

Nobody Does it Like Arnold
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The first Sandhills Open Road Challenge was held in Arnold, Nebraska, in August 2001. Thirty-four enthusiastic drivers came from 17 states to participate in the first event of its kind ever held in Nebraska. The event now sells out its grid of 120 each year on the first day of registration with scores eagerly anticipating being selected from the events waiting list. Thousands of spectators from Custer County and surrounding communities throng to Arnold each year to watch the shootout, parade, road race, and the crowd favorite–the burnout contest. Drivers from more than 40 states and Canada enjoy unrivaled hospitality from local inhabitants who open their homes to lodge upwards of half of all drivers and navigators. As one driver proclaimed loudly at the 2008 SORC barbeque, “Nobody does it like Arnold!”

Bring the Whole Family

With unmatched hospitality, the people of Arnold and Custer County look forward to each August to welcome new and returning drivers. SORC veterans declare that the event is America’s most family friendly open road race.

Sandhills About Bring FamilyWe are committed to providing a wonderful event to those that participate in and attend our event. We have our “lifers” who come back year after year, and we have first-timers each year as well. We aim to make it an experience to remember for everyone.

Your Hometown

Arnold, Nebraska, is more than just a location for our Sandhills Open Road Challenge; it’s a friendly, caring community that welcomes visitors with open arms and makes you feel like you’ve come home. Visit the Arnold website to learn more about the community around SORC.


Road Race Map

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Spectator Map

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Shootout Map

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