Three Days of Events!

Sandhills Open Road Challenge

Sandhills Events Road Race 01

The event that started the whole thing. The Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC) is an annual 55-mile open road race similar to European rally style of racing. It is arguably the most demanding event of its kind in the U.S. With more than 50 hazards and straits as long as three miles, the course offers a true challenge to drivers in every speed class. Speed classes range from 80 to 120 mph. Class eligibility is determined by individual driver’s experience and car safety equipment. Held on Saturday of race week.

Loup 2 Loup Open Road Race


The Loup 2 Loup open road race takes place on a 12-mile ribbon of very smooth blacktop with more curves than a 40-foot python. Seven classes are offered with target speeds of 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110 mph. Entrants will have the option of entering the Loup 2 Loup in addition to their SORC entry or entering the Loup 2 Loup only. The Loup 2 Loup open road race event takes place on a scenic stretch of highway between Halsey and Purdum on Thursday of race week.

One Mile & Half Mile Shootout

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For the first time ever, a “One Mile Shootout” was held on a closed public highway in 2002. This event, along with the half mile shootout, is now an integral part of SORC and creates great excitement for drivers and more than 1,000 spectators each year. The shootout format has now been copied by several national racing organizations. The current speed record for the one mile is 224.77 mph set in 2009.

Parade and Car Show

Sandhills Events Car Show 01

The parade and car show are held in downtown Arnold on Friday afternoon following the shootout. Many drivers allow children to ride with them during the parade. Each driver is introduced as they pass the speaker’s stand. The car show which follows the parade is a big hit with locals and car enthusiasts. They appreciate the chance to see up close the variety of beautiful cars and their powerful engines.

Awards Ceremony, BBQ, Dance

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Saturday evening kicks off with a barbecue in the park to celebrate another fun year of SORC. And if that good Nebraska beef isn’t enough to fill you up, we’ve got homemade ice cream and brownies. Once all bellies are full, we’ll jump right into the awards ceremony. The evening wraps up with a beer garden and free street dance for all participants, spectators, volunteers, and locals.