How to Enter

Rule Book

Before submitting your entry, please download our Rule Book to ensure you are able to meet all the requirements.

Download the 2022 Rule Book here »

Entry Policy for Online Registration

  • Click here for online entry.
  • The SORC online registration opens on the first Monday in October prior to the next year’s event.
  • Online registration will remain open for one week.
  • If the number of entries received is larger than the available grid slots, entrants will be selected on a first date submitted basis.
  • Online applications are placed into the same selection pool as paper applications sent via postal mail.

Entry Policy for Paper Registration

  • Click here to download the SORC 2023 Entry Forms.
  • Directions for using the form: 1. Click link to download. 2. Save pdf file to your computer. 3. Open the pdf file from where you saved it. 4. Type in your information using the fillable form or print and hand write your entry.
  • SORC will accept entry applications postmarked no earlier than the first Monday in October prior to the next year’s event.*
  • Event applications must contain all required entry forms with full payment by check, money order, or credit card.
  • All entries must be forwarded via the US Postal Service. Entries postmarked earlier than the first Monday in October will be returned without processing. Please note that entries sent using postage machines or stamps that are purchased online do not postmark the envelope. Entries without a postmark are rejected. The SORC recommends that entrants ask the postal clerk to postmark the envelope while they are present to ensure that the entry is properly dated.
  • If the number of entries received is larger than the available grid slots, entrants will be selected on a first date posted basis.

As an example, consider the following if 40 slots are available: Twenty entries are received with the corresponding date of the first Monday in October. Those twenty receive a grid slot. Fifteen entries are received bearing the next day’s postmark. Those fifteen receive a grid slot. Once again, 15 additional entries arrive bearing the next days postmark. With only five slots remaining, there will be a drawing from the 15 to fill the slots. The remaining 10, and additional entries received thereafter will be placed on the waiting list for a drawing. The date of the drawing will be determined by the SORC Board at its earliest convenience. Selected entrants will be notified of their status after the drawing.

SORC Lifers

SORC Lifers possess a permanent number in the SORC. New numbers can only be issued with the approval of the SORC governing board and no additional life numbers are currently available.

Lifers must submit all required entry forms with payment by check or credit card no later than midnight of the first Monday in October. Lifers who do not enter by the prescribed deadline forfeit that year’s entry and their slot is included in the drawing.

Guaranteed Entry

Prospective SORC entrants who either serve as course workers or who provide a surrogate worker from their immediate family (father, mother, spouse, child, sibling) will be guaranteed a grid slot for the following year should they submit an entry in accordance with SORC entry policy.

  • Drivers can not be guaranteed a grid slot for more than one year regardless the number of surrogates.
  • Guaranteed entrants must submit their entry no later than October 10 of the entry year.
  • All entries are subject to review and approval at discretion of the SORC Board of Directors.
  • Drivers are required to contact the SORC Race Director Brock Dailey at 308-520-4854 prior to the event for volunteer assignment.

Waiting List

The waiting list is comprised of individuals who were not selected in the initial drawing or who notify the SORC Secretary/Treasurer of their desire to be included on the waiting list. Entrants selected from the waiting list must have all required entry forms submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer no later than October 15. Grid slots of drivers who cancel after July 1 will not be made available to surplus applications.

Cancellations & Refunds

For cancellations made prior to June 1, SORC will refund 100% of entry fee. Cancellations made June 1-30 will forfeit 50% of entry fee. No refunds will be issued beginning July 1 or after. The SORC reserves the right to consider special circumstances in awarding refunds. “Rollovers” of entry fees from one year to the next as a result of cancellation will not be accepted.

The SORC board reserves the right to apply discretion when required.

*Contingent upon the approval of the Custer & Blaine County Board of Supervisors.