Car & Driver of the Month: Todd Grantski

Driver Name: Todd Grantski



Where do you live?

Utica, NE

Years attending SORC?

12 driving and 2 watching.

Navigator Name:

Dylon Grantski, last four years. Kerra Grantski two years prior, and Alan Kortmeyer before that for many years.

How did you learn of the SORC?

Alan Kortmeyer.

What is your main car for this event?

1996 Mustang Cobra.

Why did you choose this car?

It was a good starting car that had good bones. A lot of available upgrades for ORR, which I have done most of them.

Is this the only car you’ve ran here? If not, then what other car or cars have you used?

One year I was doing upgrades to the Cobra and did not have it done in time so I had to use the Viper. Another year I had motor issues in Loup 2 Loup so ended up driving my wife’s charger SRT8. 

What inspired you to start open road racing?

The challenge of the event.

What other types of racing do you do, if any?

Autocross and road course.

What does your family think about your racing?

They are very supportive of me and this whole event. Whether it be as a racer themselves or volunteering on the side of the road. 

Does any of your family participate as well? And if so, what do they do?

My wife has run the shootout almost every year and did the SORC one year in addition to volunteering to work both races for many years.

Think about another person in the same situation as you were in when you started. Given what you know now, what advice would you give them?

Respect the road and listen to the advice of others.

If you were able to start this all over again from scratch, what three things would you do differently?

1. Be more prepared for the unexpected.
2. Listen to and trust my navigator a little more.
3. That’s it.

How important is it for you to have a navigator?

Very important.

What’s the scariest moment you encountered on the course?

I’ll let this one go.

For people who have never driven triple-digit speed, what’s the most important thing to know?

Looking far enough ahead to avoid situations…like ducks in the road.

When you finally hang up your helmet, do you see any members of your family continuing on in your racing footsteps?

I hope so.

What is your number one favorite thing you do while in Arnold?

Go fast and socialize with all the people.


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