Car & Driver of the Month: LeRoy Uhrig

Driver Name:

LeRoy Uhrig

Occupation:Leroy 2

Ford Tech

Where do you live?

Pierre, South Dakota

Navigator Name:

Jeff Preston

How did you learn of the S.O.R.C.?

From a phone call on a Friday afternoon from my ol pal Dave Graves while he was at the Corvette gathering in the Black Hills. Apparently he was having an adult beverage and stumbled across a couple of what turned into some good friends.

What is your main car for this event?

A 2008 Shelby GT500.

Why did you choose this car?

These cars are Hot Rods in the true sense of those words and when they came out with this body style. Well, just had to have one . . . .

Is this the only car you’ve ran here? If not, then what other car or cars have you used?

The first few years into the SORC adventure I drove one of Dave’s other fast cars . . . a black ’97 Mustang Cobra convertible—fast and very fun car.

What inspired you to start open road racing?

I’d always watched the rally cars and of course Trans-Am series, Winston Cup and NHRA drag racing and MAN was I HOOKED on fast cars . . . But the only thing close to us was a one a year parking lot autocross.

What other types of racing do you do, if any?

Drag racing (Vicki and I volunteer at our local NHRA drag-strip – Oahe Speedway) and now once a year we go to the Sturgis Mustang rally for Autocross and maybe drags.

What does your family think about your racing?

Vicki has always been a supporter and the three kids all had their jobs at the track back when we went every other weekend. We were a GREAT team . . . then life happened – other summer sports . . . . so my crew evaporated . . .

Do any of your family participate as well? And if so, what do they do?

Chad the oldest son drove our rear engine dragster for a few years then life (kids) happened and we sold those off. He did very well. Shelby, our oldest, is finally starting to enjoy cars – her and son-in-law Chad bought a Mustang a few years ago and now go to different events along with the SMR.

Think about another person in the same situation as you were in, when you started. Given what you know now, what advice would you give them?

Start slow – – Yur not as good as you THINK you are – These 2 venues in the SORC are a challenge for even the veterans of this sport – make sure you have a good kitchen timer, stop watch and navigator – Take notes – listen to the people that have been here and last but not least – listen to your navigator.

If you were able to start this all over again from scratch, what three things would you do differently?

Don’t take the Corvette guys that seriously. Stay at Jim’s Bar later. Don’t be so damned serious all the time . . . . . NAILED IT . . . .

Leroy 1How important is it for you have a navigator?

Lets just say I’ve had a few different people navigate for me. I guess ya have to find the right one and a few backups . . . hahahahaha. I could probably run the course alone but I’d get lost along the way. I need somebody to talk to while driving – otherwise I sing – That’s with the helmet on and no backup music and don’t remember the words . . .

What’s the scariest moment you encountered on the course?

When I got lost. No really, when I dropped a tire off the side of the course in the L2L – it didn’t smell inside the suit so it wasn’t too bad . . .

For people who’s never driven triple-digit speed, what’s the most important thing to know?

Stay steady as can be. It’s like driving with a fresh container of Apple Pie . . . Don’t spill . . .

When you finally hang up your helmet, do you see any member of your family continuing on in your racing footsteps?

HAhahahaa – Funny that this question popped up. My granddaughter asked that same thing. Hopefully that’s a LONG ways down the road . . BUT ya just never know . . .

What is your number one favorite thing you do while in Arnold?

I’m gonna leave that one alone – Pretty much has answered itself . . . . Naw – I’m not gonna let Y’all off that easy . . . . It’s really all about the people/friends new and old ones . . . and of course you guessed it – BEER . . .

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